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Back Update #1

I pity the (April) fool

I went to the specialist on Monday and they booked me in for an urgent MRI scan in Invercargill.
"you should hear from them in the next two days".

by Friday.. (my last official day at work was yesterday) nothing. Phoned them and they said I'm in on April 1st. Considering my flight is/should be on April 4th and after the scan there are the results to be processed and another specialist consultation, the chances of me being Sydney bound is looking like somewhere between slim and none.

Insurance-wise, not sure if the flight's covered. I booked the insurance on the same day I went to the doctors and thinking is was just hamstring tightness, never mentioned it.

Although I'm becoming more mobile, it still hurts to sit upright. They say it's because most of your weight is on the base of your spine when you sit down, and why they don't recommend a long plane journey (unless it's the Crunchie or Red Bull plane and I can wing walk it).

The alternative to staying here, doing nothing and waiting is to go up to Auckland and switch scanners/doctors. But how to get there with all my stuff? Oh the conundrums.
I'm getting my bed picked up today as I sold it before this happened. It'll mean me sleeping on a camp bed or floor, which may help with the old back. My bookcase has also gone.. my room is starting to look like something out of the Young Ones.

However, it's not all bad.. here's something to laugh at; a Moonwalking Mannequin Bird http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XM_oUJAhKsI

Love n hugs

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Back to Strife, Back to Reality

Four in four years

After planning my trip back and booking the flights,
and handing in my notice at work,
and organising when to move out of the flat...

I then got a back injury. Bugger.

And it hurts.

A lot.

This happened during the consecutive Routeburn 2 day track and 3 day Kepler track but it's probably aggravated three back injuries from the previous three years but this time it's worse. I'm being passed from one medic to another, bouncing between doctor, physios and a chiropractor.

Basically, my left leg is numbish which means a trapped nerve/slipped/prolapsed disc in the L5 S1 area of the lower back. The most common and generic term is sciatica.

To me, it means I've been ordered off my last two weeks of work (not so much "whoo hooo" as I'd much rather be in work than have this) and I have to lie down or stand up. It hurts to sit down. When I move, I go ever so slightly faster than a tectonic plate.

It also means that I wont be able to sit on a plane for an extended length of time or bob around asia in a tuk tuk. Bugger. The chiro (and on a pain scale of 1 to 10, he made me hit 15 and almost made me cry like a baby with the torturous methods of twisted healing) has rushed things through and has already got me an appointment with a specialist with regards to setting me up for an MRI scan. The xray only confirmed there were no broken bones. And a tiny brain.



Best case scenario: scan shows manipulation and rest is required and can be eased off in weeks and I can continue
Middle case scenario: flights have to be delayed
Worse case scenario: surgery

It's not looking a good start to my trip as the odds are not good to get it fixed within a month. It also means I'm here in Queenstown without a job. Did I already say bugger?


Love n hugs

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Queenstown to Manchester

View AKL-MAN on suggs69's travel map.

As you may or may not know, nine years after leaving the shores of the Republic of Mancunia, I'm shaking things up again like a Market Rasen household and returning. Not sure how long for, but I'll consider it a "long holiday", i.e. more than a couple of weeks and possibly till after Christmas ('cause it's been a while since I experienced the magic of yuletide in the UK. Do children still roll their hoops down the road in the snow and pipe out a tune on their penny whistles?).

The rough plan* is:

  • March 13: I leave SKYCITY here in Queenstown.
  • March 15: Chill out at Glenorchy Hotel
  • March 25-ish: Road Trip up to Auckland
  • April 4: Auckland to Sydney (via Melbourne.. don’t ask)
  • April 9: Sydney to Singapore
  • April 10: Singapore to Phnom Penh
  • ...travel round Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos..
  • ...before heading out via Bangkok and Dubai to..
  • May 27: Manchester
  • May 29: Poland for a 3 day stag do

* this is liable to change as I currently have a back injury (which I'll expand on in the next entry)

I have a few requests to different parts of the world………

Road Trip: does anyone fancy a quick road trip near the end of March from Queenstown to Auckland? (I'll sub up some of the costs). I don’t like driving long distances at the best of times and my sciatica is going to be a nightmare.

Cats: does anybody like cats, live in a safe place and most of all, want to look after two soft-as-shite furballs; Bender & Fry?

Car: I don’t really want to get rid of my car. Does anybody want a second car while I'm out of the country?

Drinks: fancy a drink before I go?

I'm thinking of being in the centre on 4th & 5th April (and need a place to stay)
..then heading up north of Sydney to Woy Woy on 6th & 7th to Dani's gaff then
..down south of Sydney to Thirroul on 8th & 9th to Seattle Steve's pad.

Drinks: Will you be there and do you fancy a drink?

Have you been and do you have any hints and tips for the area?

Drinks: Will you be there and fancy a drink?

Car: If you know of someone with a spare car, or a car going cheap (as long as it's waterproof, it goes and has a radio - ooh, and one of these) then please bear me in mind

Comedy: Not seen decent comedy for a while so keep your ears open for any upcoming shows (eg. Jeff Green, Daniel Kitson, Smug Roberts)

Trips: I wouldn't mind going on a few trips around Europe if anyone's got similar tastes. The La Tomatina festival in Spain in August has caught my eye and wouldn't mind a peek at Iceland too.

Money: any short term contract jobs? (would prefer minimum work, maximum pay and plenty of travel) :o)

Mobile: what's the best plan for a SIM card over there?

Drinks: fancy a drink?

love n hugs
Suggs x


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